Day in Istanbul By Caden Schaefer

When I got to Istanbul I see waves flowing in and out of the shore, boats floating in the distance up and down up and down, the cars moving like clouds in the sky. the colors of the markets and houses, blue, green, red all beautiful and at night everything glows like a light show, a very beautiful place I love. The best part about it is I got to see the Sultan Ahmet Camii(The Blue Mosque) A Religious Place that can be seen from miles away

As I’m walking I hear the people talking about their work, babies crying, worker selling their product. The cars moving swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, the laughter of children running and playing, cell phones ringing, sirens going, bells clattering ( Dingggg, Dingggg), the waves crashing like lightning bolts in the sky, hitting the shore so loud you can hear it a mile away BANG.

As I’m walking down Akbıyık Cd I smell the amazing food coming from Tugra Kebab house it seeps in my nose like I was in one of the cartoons. The cologne/perfume of every person that bumped into me it smells weird cause of the multiple smells of cologne/ perfume on top of others
but it was fine 

I feel the breeze made from the water it makes my skin have goosebumps, the people bumping into me on the sidewalk hitting my arm every 2 seconds. The waves hitting my body pulling me in and out of the shore until I try and swim back. I feel the air in my hair from every car that passes me.

This is Istanbul

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